Testimonials - Street Medicine Detroit


From Students

Hieu Nguyen, MS2

"I came to Detroit for this. I liked the fact that the whole thing is by the seat of our pants and requires adaptability because that is really how street medicine really is out in the real world. I would definitely recommend it and go again for sure. I think it was a very meaningful experience for both us and the patient. It added to my medical training. [NSO Nurse Practitioner] Dean did a great job teaching; he was very enthusiastic and excited about the project."

Dave, MS2

"My experience was positive. I feel like I helped someone today, however small it was. I would definitely recommend it to others. I like the fact that we are getting to people who can’t get to services on their own. I gained valuable interviewing experience and learned lots from Dean, who is a great teacher."

Tyler Spiering, MS1

"Street Medicine is a unique and invaluable opportunity to apply lecture material and practice different skills while reaching out to a homeless population that often goes under the radar. The street runs provide an excellent environment for asking questions and learning new things from nurse practitioner Dean and from the stories of the patients themselves. It also allowed me to gain a new appreciation and perspective of medicine. Street Medicine, teamed up with NSO, is definitely doing some awesome things for the homeless of Detroit, and I'm glad I could be a small part of it."

From Providers

Dr. M.R. Townsend, M.D.

"I enjoyed the experience and certainly see value in the program. By providing direct care on the street, I think we can better engage the homeless population.  For instance, one particular individual we encountered began to think about accessing services through SMD and NSO--and this is someone who was previously resistant to prior outreach efforts. The program has a lot of potential."