Stewardship - Street Medicine Detroit


How We Use Donations:

As a non-profit organization, we ensure that donations are thoughtfully managed in a way that best provides for the homeless community of Detroit. Most funds we receive will be used for necessary medications, care packages, and further services for the patients we follow depending on the needs of the community at that point.

We hope to eventually purchase tools that will allow us to reach more patients through improving our efficiency and diagnostic capacity.

To the right is a list of common costs for the types of services and items we provide or hope to purchase.

What Donations Provide:

$5: Medications for one patient for one month

$10: Supplies for a care package (e.g. gloves in the winter, socks, towels, soap)

$25: Medications for each patient from an entire street run for one month

$50: May assist with implementation of an enhanced electronic medical record system

$100: May assist with emergency funds for extra services we cannot provide (e.g. X-ray)

$1000: One-time purchase of a tablet interfaced with our electronic medical record system

$5,000: One-time purchase of an electronic point-of-care medical device