Who We Are

Our Mission


Street Medicine Detroit’s mission is to ensure access to quality medical care for Detroit’s unreached and service resistant homeless population. Through direct and regular outreach, we will bridge the gaps between the homeless and medical communities by building relationships and offering companionship and respect. In doing so, we hope to also address their unique psychosocial and health care needs.


Goals and Objectives

  1. Medically, we will improve access to quality health care for Detroit’s homeless population through street-based and shelter-based primary care.  This will be accomplished by engaging potential patients with primary and preventative care, linking patients to local resources, and providing follow-up.  Our ultimate goal is to connect patients with a primary medical home.
  2. Address the unique problems of the homeless through a psychosocial and interdisciplinary model of care that looks at each person holistically and focuses on the individual’s own goals and needs.
  3. Promote health literacy, healthier lifestyles, and general well-being.
  4. Break down stigmas and confront stereotypes by creating a space of positive dialogue and an environment of dignity and respect between the homeless population and the medical world.
  5. Create a valuable educational and community service opportunity for students to practice Street Medicine.